More SASMI Benefits

I Want Additional Health and Wellness Benefits

Work Boots Benefit

Your SASMI benefits include a credit for a pair of USA-made, union-made, work boots. Choose your pair of Thorogood or Carolina boots from the SASMI list.

Keep in mind that only the SASMI-approved work boots are covered under this benefit. You’ll be responsible for the full cost of any boot not on the approved list.

Applying for the Work Boots Benefit

You can apply for your work boots through the member portal. Just log in and navigate to “Applications.” Complete the application and submit. SASMI will email you a website link, sign-in information, and coupon code.

From there, you’ll register with the link you receive and select your SASMI-approved Thorogood or Carolina boots. The Union Boot Pros will handle everything to make sure you’re satisfied.

Shipping, returns, and exchanges are free. And there’s no sales tax (unless you live in Wisconsin).

The Work Boots Benefit does NOT reduce your future SASMI benefits.

Benevolent Relief Benefit

In times of extraordinary circumstances, such as floods, hurricanes and other natural disasters, the SASMI Board of Trustees has authorized a Benevolent Relief Benefit to aid SASMI participants. Contact SASMI for more information.

Death Benefit

If you’re an active member when you die, your designated beneficiary may be eligible for a Death Benefit from SASMI.

If you have five years of future service credit with a minimum of one hour of paid contributions after January 1, 2010 and you were eligible for SASMI benefits when you die, your beneficiary may be eligible for a Death Benefit, as shown in the chart below. The Death Benefit now includes up to 18 months of COBRA coverage for your surviving spouse.

Years of Future Service CreditBenefit Amount
5 – 9.5$5,000
10 – 14.5$10,000
15 – 19.5$20,000
20 – 24.5$30,000
25 – 29.5$40,000
30 or More$50,000

If You Were Eligible for the Severance Benefit

If you were eligible for a Severance Benefit as an active member, your beneficiary may be able to apply to receive it in the event of your death. He or she should contact SASMI for information.