What is SASMI?

What is SASMI?


Welcome to SASMI! SASMI stands for Stabilization Agreement of the Sheet Metal Industry and is commonly used to refer to the National Stabilization Agreement of the Sheet Metal Industry Trust Fund. The trust fund was originally designed to assist sheet metal workers during periods of unemployment or underemployment — and that’s still the case — but over the years, it has expanded to include even more benefits for members.

SASMI was established more than 50 years ago and has always been funded through employer contributions. SASMI is a single trust with two separate plans (one for active members and one for retirees).

SASMI. It’s here for you now, and there for you later.

What Are My SASMI Benefits?

Life can change quickly. No one knows that better than SASMI, and it’s why we offer a variety of benefits, available to support you in times of financial need due to things beyond your control.

Eligibility for SASMI

If you’re an active member, you may be eligible for a benefit from SASMI once you complete one of the following:

  • 1,200 hours within 12 consecutive months; or
  • 2,000 hours within 24 consecutive months; or
  • 2,800 hours within any period of time prior to a loss of eligibility

If you lose eligibility, you’ll need to meet these initial eligibility requirements again to be eligible for a benefit from SASMI.

For eligibility details, please refer to the Summary Plan Description or watch this quick video.

Contact SASMI

To find out which SASMI group you are in:

  • Refer to our list, updated annually
  • Contact your Local Union, or
  • Log into the member portal and review your eligibility and activity.