Do your members know about or understand how to use the benefits SASMI can provide? Here’s your one-stop resource to help get the word out.

The Benefits of SASMI

SASMI is often misunderstood, mostly because it’s such a complex and unique set of benefits. And it continues to evolve and expand what it’s able to offer.

Fundamentally, SASMI’s primary purpose is to help sheet metal workers when work is slow. SASMI pays payments to eligible out-of-work or underemployed participants to supplement state unemployment benefits that can be used to help members pay living expenses in periods when work is scarce. SASMI also reimburses local health funds the cost of insurance coverage for eligible participants. SASMI participants who are fortunate enough to work steadily throughout their career in the industry don’t lose their accumulated benefit upon retirement. Instead, the remaining benefit funds their Health Care Reimbursement Account to help pay health-related expenses during retirement.

What’s in it for our Members?

In a word? Protection. Our industry ebbs and flows, and SASMI can help keep members afloat in uncertain times. On top of that, health care expenses can be the biggest expense a retiree has, and SASMI assists with paying for those. SASMI is truly here for you now, and there for you later.

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