Welfare Benefit

Welfare Benefit

When a lack of hours threatens your health insurance coverage, SASMI will make payments to your local union health plan on your behalf to continue coverage for you and your family. Note that SASMI does not pay to establish eligibility.

How Does This Benefit Work?

SASMI will pay your local union health plan the difference between the minimum hours required to continue health insurance and the number of hours credited to you by the plan for the month. This benefit also applies to health plans that use a dollar bank to keep track of coverage eligibility.

SASMI will make payments for up to 18 months if you are not permanently disabled. Payments to your local union health plan can’t exceed the maximum amount payable as an Unemployment/Underemployment Benefit—which is 190 hours times the applicable wage rate.

Benefits SASMI pays to your local union’s health fund will not reduce the amount of any SASMI Unemployment and Underemployment Benefit you receive. To receive your benefit, your local welfare plan must file an application for reimbursement with SASMI.