Get Ready—New HRA Credits Coming Your Way

On or about July 1 credits will be added to your Active Plan HRA.  The amount will be 20% of the contributions SASMI received for work you performed in 2023.

You can use these funds to pay for prescription drugs and allowable over-the-counter medical items for you, your spouse, and your eligible dependents if they are covered under your SMART health plan. 

The HRA can also be used to purchase eligible items from a participating online FSA vendor, such as the FSA Store at

The debit card won’t automatically be sent to you. You must visit the member portal and register for it.

Which Local is Benefitting the Most?

SASMI wants to ensure all members keep a close eye on their health and fitness. That’s why we offer the Annual Physical Benefit—a benefit designed to encourage members to get their yearly check-ups. If you’re eligible, you could receive $200 for your own physical exam, and $100 for covered family members (up to a $600 maximum per calendar year).

Local vs. Local

Is your local the healthiest of them all? We’re starting a little friendly competition in 2024. Although Local 265 is currently in the lead with 28% of participants applying for the benefit, don’t count your Local out. We’ll be tracking throughout the year, so get your physical, claim your reimbursement, and help your local win the honor of “Healthiest Local” by the end of 2024.

Bar graph of each local's percentage of participation. Local 265: 28%; Local 12: 25%; Local 36:20%; Local 17: 19%; Local 18: 19%; Local 7: 17%; Local 83: 16%; Local 25: 15%; Local 40: 13%; Local 28: 12%

New HCRA Calculation Could Mean a Bigger Benefit for You!

If you’re thinking of retiring in 2023, you may want to consider waiting until the new year. That is because beginning January 1, 2024, a member who retires on or after that date will have their initial HCRA benefit calculated using a new formula that will most likely yield a bigger benefit.

The Trustees are not able to extend this calculation retroactively prior to 2024 due to legal constraints, so waiting until 2024 could be beneficial to you.

What’s the Current Formula?

Currently, the calculation of both your Severance and HCRA at retirement takes into account the contributions paid over your career by your Employers, the Unemployment/Underemployment, Welfare and other benefits you have taken as an active member, and your years of service.

The existing calculation multiplied the contributions that were paid by a percentage based on your years of future service credit and past service credit. This percentage could be as low as 20% or as high as 150%. From this calculated contribution value, 100% of benefits taken is subtracted to determine Severance and HCRA.

The Trustees have determined that for all eligible participants the calculation of an eligible participant’s HCRA should be based on no less than 100% of the contributions received from the participant’s employers. This means that a consistent, higher multiplier applied to your service credits could yield a bigger benefit. The initial HCRA benefit will still subtract all the active benefits paid to you through SASMI, except for non-deduct benefits, like the Work Boots Benefit.

For details, review this Summary of Material Modification that includes details on the new calculation formula.

See Your SASMI Benefits in Action!

Did you know that last year SASMI paid more than $50 million in benefits? Whether to supplement income during slow working periods, continue health care coverage or pay medical premiums for retirees, SASMI has had a significant effect on the lives of many of our members—both actives and retirees.

Two of our two newest benefits, the Annual Physical Benefit and the Maternity Benefit, have both seen impressive numbers in their first year. SASMI paid out more than $140,000 for participants taking advantage of those benefits in 2021.

If you’re interested in seeing SASMI’s impact on members at the local or national level, take some time to try our interactive graph. You can find data by local, by benefit or even by claims paid.